What our Customers say...


Our hotel has been thinking of doing some upgrades as well as carpet cleaning. We have contacted several different businesses. No one was like SERVPRO. We called and Winston came out. There are still good people, good businesses and good service out there. I will suggest SERVPRO on West WT Harris to anyone.  

Having damage from storms especially in the winter time isn't easy. SERVPRO was great. From the sweet ladies in the office from the gentleman who came out when I first called. And to beat it all they sent me a thank you card for allowing them to do my work. Nice people, nice business. 

SERVPRO of North Central Mecklenburg County just don't know. My wife and I are super pleased. After a kitchen fire we were devastated. With four children not having a kitchen is difficult. You guys came right in and started working quick. All the guys you all sent to our house came in with their nice uniforms on ready to work. It was nice to have a group of guys that understood how quickly we needed our kitchen functioning again. Boy am I glad to have my wife's home cooked meals again. 

Our business was given this Certificate of Satisfaction for to complete for SERVPRO and insurance company. I didn't have any words. I gave them a 10 across the board. Excellent service especially when dealing with such a large warehouse and offices. 

I was really impressed with the professionalism of SERVPRO. James and his team did a wonderful job restoring my kitchen after a fire. My kitchen looks better now than when I moved in!

Working with SERVPRO North Central Mecklenburg County in conjunction with State Farm was an ideal situation when dealing with a roof leak. They communicated well, were timely, dissected the problem easily, were extremely friendly and they finished the job as if I never had the problem. They definitely went out of their way to help and ensure I was satisfied. Each of the different service reps were awesome! THANK YOU.

On a Friday afternoon of my employees had used the bathroom and didn't notice that the toilet was still running. Monday morning first thing when arriving to work water was everywhere. I called SERVPRO that is located only a few minutes away. They came right out and started cleaning up the mess. It was really nice how clean and professional they were. I was able to keep the business open. 

I went away on vacation and noticed my toilet had been overflowing when I returned. I called SERVPRO corporate and later received a call from Winston. A team came right out and stated working on my bathroom.  They worked neatly and quickly. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK 

We had water damage due to overflowing the bathtub and needed to use SERVPRO. We got an immediate response, they had someone come out within the hour, and it was cost efficient. We definitely recommending using them and will now use them for addition future services! 

SERVPRO of North Central Mecklenburg County has been great. I never knew what a great company SERVPRO was. Last week I was able to go to a training and meet with other SERVPRO franchises. We are all different, but we are all one. One Team! It was great to learn new things, and to speak with others that do the same work as I do. To hear other experiences and what I can do to be more effective in my office. SERVPRO prides itself in customer service, but I also like how important outreach is to the franchises as well. Glad to be a part of a wonderful working environment.

SERVPRO is awesome. I needed some general cleaning and to get my house pressure washed and boy did I call the right company. It wasn't a lot of work, but they did an excellent job and were quick to get to my house. 

SERVPRO of North Central Mecklenburg County provided good services for my house during my water loss. I had some issues with insurance for my repairs that caused some issues with my job, but Nichole stepped in. Nichole provided great customer services, responded to text, and calls promptly and if I needed her to come out to my house she was there. 

Working with SERVPRO of North Central Mecklenburg County in conjunction with State Farm was an ideal situation when dealing with a roof leak. They communicated well, were timely, dissected the problem easily, were extremely friendly and they finished the job as if I never had the problem. They definitely went out of their way to help and ensure I was satisfied. Each of the different service reps were awesome! THANK YOU.

I had some mold damage in my bathroom. I called SERVPRO and they were great. The technician that came out called ahead and was so polite. After cleaning up the mold the technician shared with me how the company also does repairs. I chose SERVPRO for repairs. It did take some time, but I can't complain. My bathroom looks amazing. When I go take a shower I almost forget I am in my home. Need some work done? You should give these guys a try. THANKS SERVPRO 

Not sure who I should relay this message to but very impressed with Taylor and his communication and follow through on everything today. He touched base on the way out, while he was there, and once he completed the job for a run down. He also was super flexible with our request to move the job from Wednesday as originally planned to today. As a homeowner from afar, that communication and flexibility is GREATLY appreciated. So, in essence, job well done so far!

Alrighty, I think that’s got it covered for now. Again, thank you to you and your team. Keep up the great work! Enjoy your weekend!

Being employed at SERVPRO of North Central Mecklenburg County I have learned so much. After many years of employment I love to watch the team constantly grow. I am pleased to have co-workers that are professional, and quick to get work completed. 

I spend a lot of my time working with mitigation technicians. Most of our calls are due to a customer having a water loss. Our water mitigation technicians a quick to get all needed from me and get on the loss site as quickly as possible to start mitigation and to make each job look "Like it never even happened." 

You guys have been helpful especially Taylor. He came because of a leak in the ceiling and discovered a leak in our break room coming from the dishwasher. If it wasn't for this guy being through it could have been months before this issue was discovered. 

I was concerned with mold in my home and just wanted to have someone come take a look. Mr. Winston contacted me to set up an appointment and helped me and my wife every step of the way. Thank you sir for being so kind and helpful.

Just wanted to say THANKS for taking care of the water problem in my home over the weekend. I didn't know what to do. I remember a friend talking about work you guys had did for her family. Your staffs help on Saturday tremendously helped and I felt a instant relief when I knew you guys were coming. Taylor was awesome. He was very polite and got to work right away. It meant so much to me that during an emergency where I was so lost I could depend on company like you to calm me down and meet my needs. I can't brag enough about your company and the urgency you guys showed. THANKS SO MUCH  

SERVPRO of North Central Mecklenburg County has been wonderful. I had my roof repaired two months prior to contacting SERVPRO. SERVPRO sent out a gentleman by the name of Winston that was very helpful. Instead of allowing his team to just come in and do the work he did things the right way. He helped me to contact the roofing company so they could correct the job they did so this wouldn't be a continuous problem. THANK YOU to SERVPRO for going above and beyond. 

Based on my experience I would recommend this company to a friend! 

I've just used this SERVPRO for the second time now. Both times from my son overflowing the upstairs tub. The crews here have been great at drying everything out and getting things back to normal. Best of all they did not make me feel embarrassed by the second go around. They are really professional. They dealt directly with the insurance company which was convenient as well. I would use them again in an instant, but hopefully won't need to.

This crew was great! They were professional and patient during the whole process. They were so helpful in working around my busy schedule and very sensitive with my children and pets. What started out as a disaster turned into a beautifully remodeled kitchen that I absolutely love entertaining in.

These people did everything RIGHT. They showed up on time; their workers were competent and friendly; the quality of the work was superior. I feel as if I have a whole new garage. If I had a business, I would try to hire Andrew away from you. In a world in which so many companies try to take short-cuts, these people went the extra mile to give my house a professional service. They have my highest recommendation.

Thank goodness for SERVPRO of North Central Mecklenburg County. I had never experienced water damage in a home, so when I called SERVPRO I felt traumatized. SERVPRO came in with courtesy, efficiency and professionalism and took care of everything in a way which allayed my fears. They set up the process of mitigation and repair in a way that allowed me to stay in my home and to function with the least difficulty possible while they mitigated and repaired.

While onsite professionals were very knowledgeable, courteous and prompt. The service was exceptional!

Did a great job-worked until 2:am to get water out & set up dehumidifiers. We are very grateful!

It turned out to be a bigger job than first thought. But the entire team worked hard to remediate all damage and problems

Thank you for everything you did to help me with my house. The team was awesome!

Andrew and everyone who assisted him were excellent, courteous and professional every step of the way. Andrew was key in making the stress of this event less stressful as working with him was effortless!

The crew were outstanding. Excellent communication skills! Thank You!

Josh and Jeanne were very helpful!

Amanda and the team at SERVPRO have consistently exceeded expectations. For myself, the homeowners and board members of the high-end condos my company manages SERVPRO was great. I know that I can make a quick call, give her the details and SERVPRO will take it from there. They provide updates if necessary but I know I can trust that the job is done once I place that call. I feel lucky to have found such a reliable restoration company!

Thank You for coming to our rescue! You made a terrible situation tolerable!

Fantastic customer service!!! Wish there was a rating greater than 10!

I was very pleased! Very impressed with this SERVPRO. Thank You! I was glad that at each visit I saw the same faces. I appreciated the phone calls and willingness to work with my morning schedule.