Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Small Water Leak

For years and years people around the world have paid for property and auto insurance. Very few of those people actually ever have to file a claim. Water damage... READ MORE

Water Loss in North Charlotte

This residence suffered a major water loss when the second floor toilet overflowed. The water spread all across the home affecting almost every room in the home... READ MORE

Toilet Leak in Charlotte

Toilet overflows and leaks are very common. These issues can come from normal wear and tear or from children simply putting things in the toilet. A toilet overf... READ MORE

Toilet Suppy Line in Charlotte, NC

This is the result of a toilet supply line in a wall upstairs in a Charlotte, North Carolina home. Water damage caused issues on both the main level and second ... READ MORE

Water damage to a Garage in Davidson, NC

Water Damage to an upstairs bedroom over a garage is a common occurrence. The removal of the drywall in the garage may be necessary to properly dry out the area... READ MORE